Lagoon Management unit underway

Developing 116 lagoons spread throughout in Sri Lanka would benefit fisher community as well as the Tourist Industry immensely”. Special unit which will focus on managing lagoon fisheries and recourses was opened by Hon. Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources on 13th December 2015

dfar (3)Many people have got used to dump waste materials to the Lagoons and in order to prevent this, it is very important to educate the public and to protect the Lagoons a set of rules and regulations has to be introduced. The objective of the Lagoon Management Unit is to get technical, coordinating and regulatory facilitating assistance in Lagoon management from outside and from the Department itself.

It is scheduled to establish a Lagoon Management Committee through the Lagoon Management unit and each Lagoon is comprised of 12 committees and thereafter to form a District committee. Its chairman shall be the Director General of the Fisheries Department and the District Secretary will be appointed as a co- president. The forming of committees for five Lagoons has been completed so far in Negombo, Chillaw, Malala Embilikala, Koggala and Kokilai and also the boundaries demarcated. It has been scheduled to demarcate the boundaries in 30 lagoons during the course of next year.

The operation plan for the protection of Lagoons is under preparation and as its first stage, it has been decided to conduct awareness programmes to educate the members of the committees and subsequently action will be taken to breed fish in the Lagoons with the assistance of Aquare Culture Development Authority.

Lagoon Map of Sri Lanka

lagoon map

Watch introductory video about the lagoon development project implemented by Department of Fisheries in collaboration with Practical Action Organization