Two bodies of whales landed to the beach

It was reported by the Fisheries Officer of the area and Assistant Director of kalutara, that a dead bodies of two spam whales were landed to the beach of Waskaduwa (Kalurata District) in the evening of 21st October 2016. This type of incident of spam whales are common and mostly happed due to natural and environmental factors, such as rough weather, weakness due to old age or infection, difficulty giving birth, hunting too close to shore, or navigation errors. The incident is normally called as stranding.

Strandings can be grouped into several types. The most obvious distinctions are between single and multiple strandings. The carcasses of deceased cetaceans are likely to float to the surface at some point; during this time, currents or winds may carry them to a coastline. Since thousands of cetaceans die every year, many become stranded posthumously. Most carcasses never reach the coast and are scavenged or decomposed enough to sink to the ocean bottom, where the carcass forms the basis of a unique local ecosystem called whale fall. Single live strandings are often the result of illness or injury, which almost inevitably end in death in the absence of human intervention.

One of the two whales landed in to Waskaduwa beach is suspected as an immature one. However the officers of NARA collected information from the two bodies. Local authorities took action to berry bodies of whales during the day after the incident.

Another incident of whale stranding was also reported recently from Balapitiya- Ambalangoda beach.


copy of a report reported in year 1577 (Ref; Wikipedia Web Site)


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