Organizational Structure

Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources is functioning under Director General in accordance with the Fisheries & Aquatic Resources act No. 02 of 1996. The Head Office is divided to six important Divisions for the efficient discharge of the Departmental functions.

  1. Fisheries Management Division
  2. Fisheries Industries Division
  3. Monitoring, controlling and surveillance Division
  4. Fishery product Quality control Division
  5. Finance Division
  6. Administration Division

dfar (4)Additionally a High Seas Management Unit and a Lagoon Management Unit is also functioning under this department. Latest adding to the organization is the Vessel monitoring center which manages the high seas fisheries flee though satellite based monitoring system.

In addition to the Head Office, there are fifteen (15) District Assistant Directors’ Offices along the coastal districts of the island. There are one hundred and forty eight (148) Fisheries Inspectorate Divisions under the District Offices, covering all fisher’s villages. There are about 18 Harbor officers to Manage the High Seas Fisheries Activities and 21 Radio Communication Centers to deal with the communications with multiday vessels though short wave communication